VNYL is a monthly vinly subscription service that sends out curated record bundles. I maintained existing code, built and tested new features, as well as debugged performance issues. The site is built on Meteor.js and heavy API integrations with Stripe, Shippo, Discogs, and Spotify.

While there we ingested, normalized and stored inventory data from various music distribution companies into one database. I built a microservice that checked a user's Spotify activity against available vinyl in this normalized DB. If records were in stock through these distros we'd send marketing emails advertising them to the user. This microservice also powers Wishlist which is a user's personally curated store front.

During my time there I also worked on an algorithm that parsed through a user's profile and their VNYL profile's "liked" artists. This was then used to auto-curate available inventory based on that inventory item's related artists on Spotify to help expedite the order fullfillment process.